Planning, Designing and Development for Android Applications

We provide customized development of applications for Android.

TELEMARKS has noticed Android from its early stage and worked on research and development of Android applications. As for a business tool and personal tool, we believe that Smart Phone will bring us drastic change. Smart Phone will be an essential business tool for the management or sales departments.

Smart Phone allows you to realize the most advanced collaboration imaginable, for example coordination with your internal system or linkage with various services as a terminal of cloud computing. Unlike PC development, keys to the development of Android are managing with limited resources or smaller display size and utilizing GPS and accelerometers.

TELEMARKS opens applications on Android Market. With this experience and know-how, we can offer you the most appropriate development of Android applications and consulting services.

Supporting Evaluation and Development of Android

We provide evaluation service of Android applications that you created in-house or contracted out.

To evaluate Android applications, you will need extensive knowledge such as battery drain and testing with multiple OS versions. TELEMARKS development engineers as specialists of Android, evaluate your applications and validate the issues from various aspects. Moreover, source code level validation is available at the evaluation.

Contract Development

  • Web system development/customization
  • We provide planning, design and development for customized business and internal system. We can propose the best system in accordance with your budget e.g. modification of your existing system or adding functions to it. Lately we recommend the development using Google App Engine.


  • Windows applications development
  • We have experience in developing and releasing more than 20 package software. We will support you from every aspect such as development, planning or process control.

    OS:Windows(Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows7)
    Development Environment:MFC/.NET Framework